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This blog began as a way to document my graduate school experiences after many years out of the academia. If you are considering going back to school after having been in the workplace for many years, check out my experiences as I navigated the university setting while working full-time, learned new and fascinating information resources, and began a new career upon graduation. It was introspective, hopefully funny, and occasionally somber – and the future was unknown and exciting. Click GSLIS Experience or navigate from MLIS e-Portfolio on the menu bar.

Along the way I began speaking, teaching, and attending conferences for information professionals. When I finished school and retired from my first career I didn’t stop blogging. I continued to blog about choosing to provide service as an independent information professional and business owner. Today, I’ve launched my management consulting business. Please feel free to hop over to my company’s website at Hunter Knowledge and Insights (HKI) but please don’t forget to come back! On that website I blog about topics specifically related to services HKI provides. Having become an entrepreneur, I also attend conferences, workshops, seminars, and webinars about entrepreneurship, small business, women and minority owned businesses. This blog has evolved for me to share publicly available conferences, workshops, seminars that I attend, as well as webinars and podcasts that present content related to data, information, and knowledge management. I’ve even read some great books and articles as I’ve learned more about information management. And as a lifelong learner, I can get distracted by various topics – if I find it interesting, I’ll share it here.

Content Summaries

While I specialize in organizing information – I’m not so good about organizing my content. No more! Here is the key to my content. Enjoy!

  • Hunter Knowledge and Insights, LLC – the business website and blog on management and information consulting services, plus workshops and seminars offered and conducted by HKI, LLC.
  • Hunter Knowledge and Insights, Blogging Events for Information Professionals – my blog on data, information, and knowledge management events such as conferences, workshops, seminars, and even webinars podcasts, and videos of interest to information professionals. I suspect I’ll include tidbits on my small business aha moments regardless of their specificity to info pros. You’re at the site of this blog now.
  • Information Science – my WordPress.com reblog – The site that launched them all! Here is where you’ll find my insights on other shared content. I’ll exclusively share and comment on the content of others. This site is in the menu bar and it’s easy to go there and come back here, and because of the reblog limitations in this self-hosted WordPress* site, I consider the Information Science site a direct extension of this site.
  • Valeria L. Hunter ePortfolio – Find my electronic portfolio on this site. Updated infrequently, here you’ll find samples of my work as required for the MLIS at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. Eventually (in my copious free time) I’ll build out the complete competency framework with work samples and update my resume and CV. Alas, today there is the required content for the degree as of 2015. This site is also in the menu and it’s easy to go there (less easy to come back here – therefore it opens in a new window). Nevertheless, I consider the ePortfolio site a direct extension of this site.

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Don’t forget to contact me using the form on the About Valeria page. It can be found as a sub-heading from Home on the menu. This is also a great way to suggest a topic, post, upcoming conference, workshop, seminar, or webinar to attend and review, or even new books or articles. If it’s about data, information, or knowledge – tell me about it!

Now, you tell me, what have you found interesting about information?